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Madhulika Syal
Vice President, Financial Services
Winner of Global Women Excellence Awards 2022

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Winning Story

Madhulika is a Strategic Management leader with 20 years of diversified experience in driving strategies in many key areas of businesses such as Internal Audit & Controls, Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud etc in major global regulators across UK, US & APAC regions. She believes in hard work and positivity in whatever work is being undertaken.


Her positive attitude has won the respect of her colleagues and her attitude to work is synonymous with the word ‘holistic’, as she considers every variable and factor before deciding on the best course of action. This has been her mantra throughout her career, her ability to keep the organization on the right side of managing their risk and compliance affairs gained her a lot of respect as a strategic leader. 


Congratulations to you on winning the award and thanks for your contribution.


You have made substantial impact. I wish you best of luck!!!!

Govind Singh Negi, Founder, HR SUCCESS TALK

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