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Anshita Gupta
Founder, Sun India Pre School
Winner of Global Young Women Excellence Awards 2022

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Winning Story

"Anshita Gupta has been exceptional since she was young. From the very start, she already knew that she wanted to become an Entrepreneur. Marriage at a young age and being a mother after that with all the responsibilities attached to it did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. At the age of 20, she became a young mother. This did not stop her but instead inspired her to take her MBA. It was her son who inspired her to go to the UK to take a short-term course on Early Childhood Education and Development. When she came back from the UK, she started constructing her preschool with international standards. This paved the way for everything that she is today. Anshita is not just an educator of young minds, our winner is also a parenting content creator, mom and social influencer.


A great achiever who is also an active member of many mothers groups and takes Gratitude sessions in different NGOs for the betterment of the Society. She is truly deserving of all the accolades. A true dreamer, believer and winner. She is an epitome of a woman with substance and truly deserving of the award. 


Congratulations to you on winning the award and thanks for your contribution.


You have made substantial impact. I wish you best of luck!!!!

Govind Singh Negi, Founder, HR SUCCESS TALK

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