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Mala Thapar
Founder and CEO, Independent Minds, LLP
Winner of Global Women Excellence Awards 2022

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Winning Story

"Mala is Founder & CEO of Independent Minds, State President Haryana- Anti Sexual Harassment CouncilI and HR consultant to a few MNC’s. It has been her mission since 2019 to create awareness for everyone in the workplace about Sexual Harrassment. She has been successful in spreading awareness to over 7000 people in the various cities and surrounding villages.


This urge to educate one, educate everyone led her to write the book titled - Read, Understand and Implement with Ease at Workplace - The Anti-Sexual Harassment Law in India. This book simplies the law on Sexual Harassment therefore making it easy for everyone to read and understand. The book has gained so much recognition that It is currently being used by for the C-Suite of corporates, HR professionals, law students, trainees, and internal & local committee members of Anti-sexual harassment.


Congratulations to you on winning the award and thanks for your contribution.


You have made substantial impact. I wish you best of luck!!!!

Govind Singh Negi, Founder, HR SUCCESS TALK

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