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Online Certification in HR Generalist

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Welcome to the Online Assessment and Certification Program by HR SUCCESS TALK. Please note, that this is not a training program but an online assessment where we expect the participants to learn on their own and give the final assessment. To support our learners, we do provide some material in the form of videos, and online articles so that they can prepare themselves better but we recommend they do their study on the topic too. At the end of the assessment, you will get an online / E-Certificate from HR SUCCESS TALK. The main key takeaways of the program are as below: - Employee Onboarding, Key Elements, Day By Day Onboarding Plan & Buddy Program - Employee Confirmation, Types of Employee Exit & Attrition Analysis - Legal Aspects Of Employee Exit, Disciplinary Actions and Employee Relations - Performance Management System, Different Types & Performance Improvement Plan - Labour Law Aspects on Performance Management System - Employee Reward & Recognition - Transforming to a true HR Generalist Professional

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