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Amrita Devi Foundation

Come forward to support women in Uttarakhand ! Help Amrita Devi Foundation

“Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a family.” - Arthur Shirley Cripps.


For generations now, women have undergone unequal behavior by their own families. There’s little to no economic and social freedom for them in rural areas. 

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Our Story

Amrita Devi Foundation started in the year 2019 has been incessantly working towards the empowerment of women primarily in Uttarakhand. Under our wing called the Amrita Devi Women’s Skill Development Institute, we provide free training to women in rural areas predominantly in employment-oriented courses that include Computer Training, Digital Marketing, and Tailoring. 


The end objective is to make them SELF-RELIANT. 

So far, we have trained 100+ girls/ women and 30+ are independent now. At present, through our four institutions under the Amrita Devi Women’s Institute, we are empowering 50 women in the remote areas of Uttarakhand and helping them become self-reliant.

We are reaching out to you to support us with your donation. We need INR 5,100 to support the education of one girl child. We are aiming to raise INR 7.65 Lacs to train 150 girls/ women this year. Come forward and make your contribution to the cause.

This amount cannot change the whole world, but your small contribution can change the world for someone. Your donation has the power to empower a girl child today. We owe our women for all the sacrifices that they’ve made. Let’s contribute our part and help bring a change in society.

If you want to sponsor the education of one girl/woman please donate INR @5100 or any amount you wish to contribute in this noble cause.

Below are the account details:

PayTM                     : +91 97170 38240

Bank                        : Account Name-Amrita Devi Foundation, UCO Bank

Account number      : 33640210000052

IFSC Code              :  UCBA0003364

UPI Transfer            :  amritafoundation@ucobank

Fundraising Campaign Link :

Photo Gallery

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