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Let's build a better workplaces

The objective of the club is to bring HR & Business Leaders of a region together to discuss current & predict future challenges, ideate and develop solutions to build a strong and mature Talent portfolio.

It is an invite only club. Only CXOs and Head of a function of an organisation can be part of it.

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Our Story

Unlike other open events, this Club will be an “exclusive closed-door community” which will have multiple strategy meetings throughout the season to discuss, ideate, share and learn from leaders of various workplaces. In addition to these strategy meetings, the members of this club will also have a unique opportunity to attend an Exploration Mission. 
Our exploration missions are designed for the members to experience the host organization’s workplace initiatives first-hand. This is an amazing opportunity to learn directly from the leaders and employees of such organizations on how creatively they are finding solutions to the burning issues.

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